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forceqSo as some may know I am a Graphic Design Artist and System Admin, now as many tech reviewers I have spent time with many smartphones over the years and I can tell where the issues may be on an operating system. I have effectively used virtually every version of IOS, BlackBerry OS, Android OS and even Web OS, Windows Mobile OS. This new IOS device dubbed iPhone 10 / TEN as far as the hardware is concerned is quite nice looking with the exception to the true depth sensor area ..

The IOS functionality is truly lacking is continuous flow when it comes to the UX experience. I have spent time with the new device and can honestly say I have no desire to buy one for myself for the following reasons.

I feel as if the device is beta and nor GM quality, I would not say its alpha but definitely beta as far as the OS software and design is concerned. The return to home activation bar is not really convenient. The Active Application windows that you swipe up and hold to activate is cramped and terribly designed. The Screen is 18 x 9 not 16 x 9 like the native TV size or screen viewing areas

and each window is too tall for the screen its cramped and looks extremely odd. They should have resized the windows down to fit better before adding the "minus sign" circles to touch to quit each application that is active I feel like the window is the full size of the screen, there is simply no reason for that it’s bad design .. it’s such an immature esque move for the software team to do that, the Movies are another sad experience because the notch interferes with your viewing experience, and looks very odd. Another issue that is not being mentioned is that most applications will not be useable on the new device becasue developers will have to figure out how to correct the bad design of the screen in order to make their applications work on this new device. I am willin to bet that many developers are simply not going to bother updating to the new screen size and avoid the headaches... I have seen people trying to come up with ways to cover up the notch on the device

such as black wallpaper for the top of the screen, but that still does not cover up the issue of watching movies or shows.

There is also a case of the bottom of the screen, wasted space which is doing nothing, I imagine they did that to enable a letter box or the home bar, in either event it was a bad Idea going forward. I have spoken with people about this device several times and all we can come up with is the decision to release this half-baked beta design phone is one a committee decided on rather than the person in charge of design. If in fact the phone was released by the person in charge of design, He or She should be fired.

home barOn Top of that, the Device price point is far out of reach of most users, and simply greedy on the part of Apple. The know full well they are only trying to pay off the 5 Billion dollar

Apple Park Donut they built for no reason .. If they had put the money in to design and waited till it was ready instead of rushing to release a half-baked beta design .. The customer base would have been much happier with the product and it would have been a run-away hit like Apple has done in the past.

** One thing about these posts on the iPhone X is that it’s not meant to demonize or cut up apple, as I have been an Apple fan for many years and I do have apple Products, such as iMac and iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 before that. Its more to inform not only users of the problems which most likely will be fixed over time, but are there now and when you start to think about price Apple is charging you should expect a finished product not where it is today. Apple can and will do better I am sure in time ..