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wix1 logoWell I was reading a little and found out that iPhone 8 could charge faster if you get the USB-C charger, but didnt read much futher so I figured oh let's get the charger and see how it goes .. I get there and its 59$ CAD for the charger wow hefty price .. does not come with anything. So I am out for a while then head back .. look in the box and the charger has a different connector .. it wont fit a regualr USB or lightening plug .. so off we goto store again to get a cable hoping its reasonabley cheap .. NOT .. its 36$ at Walmart for the 1 m cable and the 2 m cable is 48$ so I am thinking about how much space I need .. I get the 2 m cable .. 

get back plug it all in and wait a while till I needed a charge plug it in .. and its not very fast .. I switch the cable and charger to the one that came with the phone and that one was 3 times faster!!

What the hell did I just pay for .. if its slower on USB-C with the 29Watt charger designed to work with the iPhone 8. I returned cable and the charger goes back tomorrow .. There you have it .. real world experiement with charging and finance ... don't get the USB-C 29Watt charger you won't be faster... you will be fine with the one that comes in the box.

If for some reason you want to try USB-C get the 61 watt or larger, they will not hurt the phone, I checked with staples and you can check around also .. it states the larger chargers will be fine with the iPhone 8, 8 plus or X