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Apple Logo Png DownloadSo I have been looking at the latest Apple devices and as a mac user for a long time I have some thoughts, comments and reviews to offer the mobile tech world. I have not been on here as much as I wanted to be when I put the site back up .. but I'll try and do better going forward. 

So, I'll start with Airpods .. really cool device sadly one color but not the end of the world, unless your a kid and kids seem to have a different point of view on things .. they just tell it like they see it .. I went out and picked up some airpods .. they cme with some charge so I was like great I can try them out. out of the package was this cool little case and there they were inside help in place by magnets.. hmm I like that .. I put them on and the device auto connected basically after confirming in bluetooth menu of the iphone 7 I had. 

I tried to listen to music, they sounded great, battery life really good, talk on the phone they were good but seemed to have a lot of treble and  high end tones. not too much bass or mid,

but when listening to music .. it was perfectly balanced. Kinda weird I know .. ok fine .. cary on I thought .. all was well - they stayed in my ear fine for the most part .. but slowly I had to fix them and ge them back in place more and more. I started getting annoyed. And it was down hill from there .. I went to look in the mirror witht he airpods on and it looked so dumb with these things hanging down, cut off...

then kid walks into the room and says you look werid with those on what are they, I said earphones .. that looks really werid. Right then I relized if a kid was saying that it must look exeedingly odd, back to the store they went. 

- iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

So I got a iPhone 7 4.7 at launch and its been a solid device no real problems of any kind to report, volume is a little low with bluetooth

I tried the camera and took some pretty nice photos, recorded music and clips with the phone, also took panorama photos

the force touch is suppose to be really useful I hear but personally never used it even once for anything,  screen is cleana nd clear video good, signal decent, WIFI decent .. this is not a blackberry 9000 lol so its decent at best. iPhone 7 is a good all round device for the average user.. The matt black looks good, the home button is kinda odd because it needs power to actually work .. its a force touch home button but not a big deal.. 

The iPhone 7  plus 5.5 inch device is just more of the same but the camera lens is way better .. optical zoom and better quality photos and video overall. It has more room to do everything, Its suppose to have a bit more battery life but for the most part they are pretty close.

I see the iPhone 8 / 8 plus and X is announced, I have been ABC ing all these devices with samsung galaxy s8, note 8 and LG G6 amongst other devices.

The Apple iPhone 8 / 8 plus and X Chipset Bionic A11 are made by Apple this time around, instead of samsung or intel. The new devices carry LTE advanced in the networking area as well, the cameras are improved on the iphone 8/8 plus with true tone delivering a nicer more correct eye expereince for the user. They ported this idea from the iPad to iPhone .. sounds like if it worked there why not bring it over to the iPhone lol. the 8/8 plus are the IPS panels, where the iPhone X is a super amoled of sorts, that is a good aand bad box of cookies. The Galaxy S8 has a super amoled screen and it is experiencing "Burin-in" on some devices. So this is not a good thing .. remember plasma panels same thing happend to thos TV devices. Now having said that .. samsung is not building the panels for the X, LG is so maybe it will be somewhat better this round, but history is history on Super amoled. 

The iPhone 8 / 8 plus are going to be FAST , well built devices - seeing how its the last thing Steve Jobs conceived, they will be the most polished iPhone devices to date in that form factor. 

The iPhone X on the other hand is a different device with Super Amoled and edge to edge display ish.. lol they left a notch out on time which in the opinion of this writer .. looks retarded hahah but what ever .. bad design in my opinion. I wonder what johnny ives is doing these days because he is not working on iphone X .. other wise I dont think it would have looked like that, maybe he is retired.

Al lthe technology they are adding to the new phone is cool but way too expensive, AR: Augmented Reality is neat, and should be cool for games but for how many? .. if you know what I mean.. 

The day to day operations of the iPhone is changing dues to IOS 11 update just released. The Control Center is active from bottom on iphone 7 still, the top drag brinds the shade down. There are some cool options added to the messages app int he try there is a bunch of options like google maps, App store, drop box etc.

I noticed there are some IOS transitions going from window to window now .. not sure if I like that, havent found a place to edit those transitions yet either. Some pople have mentioned good batetry life on the IOS 11 I am not sure its as good as the IOS 10. more things may be on in the background, you have to go check all that everytime you upgrade a OS on a mobile device to make sure your desireed settings are still in tact. IOS 11 seems like a smooth update thus far, I may post more updates on the IOS 11 down the road as I am using it - this experience is on iPhone 7, we wil most likely have an iPhone 8 to report on down the road.

in case you didnt know or were not paying attention in last few years.. iPhones connect on WiFi AC routers or better .. if your on a G, N it problemy wont work well. So make sure you have a current router for your home or business network.

 I'll report back on more 


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