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wix1 logoWell as you all probbaly know by know I am a bit of a computer security nut and don't take chances. On the mac os x platform we all know by now the fancy app called "Litte Snitch" by the fine folks at Objective Development. What does it do .. well it stops bad software from calling home to snitch on you and send information about your computer to places you might not like for it to go. Its a bit better explained on their website though lol

Now there is a new old threat .. most people might not have been paying attention to .. its the Camera on your computer. Yah you heard right .. its for pictures and videos. What if some bad software or hacker tried to get control over that camera and was listening to you in your home all the conversations you have been having and recording them, then sending them some where else? Or maybe some secret video has been recorded with out your knowing about it .. These ideas may seem a bit scary or un likely but I asure you there is a point to this .. the same fine folks who made the little snitch , have an app to protech just those type of intrusions called "Micro Snitch" its priced right and I'd recommend it to anyone...

are ther other apps out there that may do the same things outlined here? Of course there are, but I like these ones hehe - you can search the Apple app store for all kinds of stuff. I am now searching for a iPhone version of the same thing - have not found something reliable yet .. If you have an idea or can suggest something good feel free to let me know.