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s9So I am running the Galaxy S9 right now and its been a great device, the Images are better than the iPhone X and the speed in the day to day use is very fast. Charging is a place I feel un happy about with iPhone altogether its really as slow as a turtle, then they want you to spend additional money to get a faster charger instead of including it in the box. Samsung included a fast charger in the box and its very fast .. really great actually.

If you are debating on a phone to get and like android, there is no reason not to get the Samsung Galaxy S9, it comes with

- Galaxy S9 Phone - 8 Cores

- Adapters for USB to Micro

- Fast charger Block 

- USB Fast cable

- Sim Tool

- AKG earphones

honestly whats not to like, the form factor is super slim, design is 1st rate - it comes with a old school headphone jack so all your other earphones will work. The phone as a external SD memory slot up to 400 Gig. Its pretty, comes with Gorilla Glass 5 and works like a champ. At this point .. it seems like a pretty darn good deal and you can get it for as cheap as 249 on a term maybe less... iPhone at least in Canada is 599.00 on a 2 year term, you tell me which sounds like a better deal.

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