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Out of the box all I can say is wow, yes I did predict this valuation for Bitcoin but the fact that it actually achieved it is something else altogether 3780 .. its fantastic I am pretty happy about this. I started Bitcoin mining at about 8.7 complexity with Butterfly labs miners lol you know the ones those little boxes with the fans in them when you hooked them all up they made a alien abduction sound lol. Well from there I ended up on Teraminers from Cointera nice bunch of people at the time .. we had a bunch of those boxes too a little bigger though and used a ton more power ..

was pretty rough on the hydro bill back then .. but we were making the money so it dodnt matter too much .. The value of a Bitcoin when we started was about 1300 CAD, which was pretty damn great for the complexity it was at, the current rate of complexity is kinda through the roof  right now and you need some pretty serious power to meet the algorythms 678,760,110,082.00 ! to go from 8.7 to 678 is a huge jump really thats some pretty serious math to say the least. Here is a picture of the Tera miner setup we had back when offf our sister

site - We used to Min with the great folks at Slush's Pool - Shout out to everyone there! we had a site called BTCAddict at the time .. yes we are the same guys :-) .. we did some Alt Coin mining as well .. using PC Graphic Cards .. one of our best performers was the AMD 7990, that thing would not only perform well but it liked to over heat alot too so we had to have fans right on it at all times and if that wasnt bad enough we had to try and under volt it too.. lol it just wanted more power all the time ! These days your going to have to live in the artic to do bitcoin mining and have near free power and super miners, I am not saying its not being done, it is actually there are miners to buy and places to mine, like Slush's pool, but most people are trading bitcoin like a stock right now and riding the up and down trends to make money. 


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