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wix1 logoIt feels like the first Google Pixel was just announced, but now we’re hearing more about the next-generation ‘Pixel 2’ from a source that has been reliable in the past. I mentioned yesterday that we previously heard Google Pixel would bring ‘waterproofing,’ a feature we’re now told is “still on the table.” We’re also now being told, however, that Google is once again focusing intensely on the camera with Pixel 2, that the device is currently being tested with improved chipsets from two different manufacturers, and that it will bring a higher price. Finally, the same source says Google has lately been testing lower-end Pixel devices which would bring lesser specs and a much lower price tag. As for waterproofing, this is a slight change in tone today from this same source that before told us the feature would “definitely” be coming with the next Pixel. Now we’re told that the feature is “still on the table,” which would suggest a less firm position from Google on the feature. That said, of all features, waterproofing (or, more accurately, a decent water and dust resistance rating) seems like a no-brainer for the next Pixel. I wouldn’t be surprised if that “still on the table” once again becomes a “definitely” soon. more

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