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Apple Logo Png DownloadWell a few days ago the new Apple WWDC keynote came out for 2017, if you didnt know here is a link to the event

They announced IOS 11

Home Pod

New iMac, iMac Pro

New iPads

Mac OS High Sierra (new File System Format in the OS X APFS)

The big advantage is that APFS can replace all the existing file systems Apple currently uses across its platforms. APFS is suitable for macOS, iOS, tvOS and even watchOS. The other big advantage to APFS is that it’s designed with encryption in mind. It combines the full disk encryption features found in the latest versions of OS X with the data protection feature that encrypts every file individually on iOS. 

Watch OS 4

New App Store design coming..

( I will have a response to the announcements shortly, maybe a podcast on it)

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