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Hey all, hows it going .. its been a while I have been away from the scene .. but Its time to get back to business here in the mobile scene. I have been seeing quite a few changes in the mobile space like BlackBerry on Android now, not so much the QNX, Apple is changed format to the home button and microphone ports, force touch every where, android is spreading, Samsung still pushing to be independent in its own space but still relying on touch wiz and android .. I have some website teaks and changes to make still before we are in full gear here but if you know me .. then you know things are going to go full steam very soon * smiles. If you dont .. I'm james, its nice to meet you.

What's my background ? Well I am a seasonded System / Network Administrator and Web / Graphics Developer. I spent time with just about every phone brand on the market BlackBerry, Apple, Samsung others and various OS beta testing environments. This site used to be quite busy .. Its always been my goal for the website to deliver honest to the point information, with a strong technical explanation to most topics with some added fun here and there.

Having said that, I hope you will come along for the ride and stay as friends. - All Things Mobile!




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