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Amongst the many mobile VR headsets available in the wild today is a new "Goblin VR" headset, built to Google Cardboard Standard 2.0 and able to fold flat to fit in your pocket. It's simple and light. It's made of materials you will feel soothing to wearing on your face. It will work with your iPhone and your Android as well as other devices with displays up to 6-inches diagonally - so your oversize phone style device can be used too.

While we've seen other similar projects before, this "Goblin VR" project strikes our interest. They seem like they know what they're doing! Not only does it appear to take into account the simple ins and outs of while wearing a VR headset, it looks like they've made the headset comfortable.

Many VR style headsets are trying to gain a foot hold in the VR industry but its been a tough go since the size of the headset. Even Samsung has made their own with the Note 4 inserted into their Headset. This new Goblin device seems sleek and pretty interesting, look for it as it devleops in the VR market. We are excited to see new Tech innovation and hope you are too!

• Built to Google Cardboard Standard 2.0
• Dimensions folded flat: 76mm (h) x 148mm (w) x 15.5mm (d)
• Dimensions open: 76mm (h) x 157mm (w) x 85mm (d)
• Lightweight, at less than 100g
• 1.5mm, malleable, neoprene tunnel prevents light bleed
• Superior optics via 2x 35mm, aspherical, biconvex lenses
• Conductive input button
• Fixings for detachable head-strap

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