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So IOS 8 is out for iPhone and iPads, after the install my first impression with out using the Operating system was nothing was done. It looked exactly the same as as IOS 7 lol but then I went looking around and found the changes. I think people are looking for physical queues of things that have changed, but the main home screen does not do that .. you will find the changes deeper into the OS

Install on iPhone 5S first run, There is a ton of new Terms of service to sign on to ..

There are 4 apps loaded in, iBooks if you you didnt have it … Health app, Podcasts and Tips

I think out of the 4 that showed up , Tips was my Favorite. Its a helper app that tells you how to use things in the IOS. And it uses visual queues as well.

Voice Messages in iMessage

The Next thing I noticed was the Voice message recorder in iMessage on the right corner its pretty easy to use and conviently placed.

basically click and hold .. talk and go

Next was when you have some apps running Double click on the Home buttom to see a new row of names and icons with abbreviations of previously used contacts on top kinda useful I thought

Universal Search

Swipping from the center of the Home screen you get the universal search

but now, you get to search the web tooand maps and everything, it seems to use bing! I am looking
for a way to change that.

The Control Center is chnaged a little some shading and so on really not that much.


Photos would be the palce I like Least ! with all the times the photos were updated and taken and all the double deleting. If I were to choose one thing I did not like about IOS 8 it would be photos

Its a total jumpled mess .. I have no Idea how they could even do that and think people would like it
apple must have lost their mind on that one.

The KeyBoard

Keybaords inside the General area is  new they have Predicitve typing and emoji now
I tried the predicitve typing .. eh its ok, not great

Emoji pretty cool :-)

The IOS Icons appear more refined a bit then IOS 7 .. I like that they may be smaller even, but in the app store the Icons are biger lol

In Safari - Settings/Safari

There is a place to choose which search engine you want to use, but no bing selection, which is curious since it is being used in the universal search for the web.


I found the OS to be pretty responsive and easy going over all, no hickups to speak of at the moment, I did make phone calls and do some text messages .. all was well .. I might mention the noise cancellation might be a bit better some how in phone calls.

Extra stuff

I noticed new Icons in the Settings

Health & Home Kit - most of the new items I have seen around the IOS 8 are better suited for the iPhone 6 I believe. Passbook has a new Icon and is more defined of an App now as well.